Vighyaanaalya Library is the name of the MCT Library. Vighyaanaalya is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Centre of Wisdom’. It consists of about twenty thousand volumes of books and journals. Walk-in guests are given certain provisions to utilize our library. Here are some of the guidelines…..

The following books are available in the Vighyaanaalya Library:

1) Stack Section
2) Reference Sections
3) Journal Section

A complete list of all books (inclusive of stack section, reference section etc.) in the Vighyaanaalya Library of MCT is attached below. One can get the accession number, call number and all other facts about publication. This will facilitate the website users to access the library.

List of books in the Vighyaanaalya Library of MCT:

All books in the library as on 21.10